Why can’t we just get along?????

This is a common question asked by parents, caregivers and family members. 

I am an educator, presenter and  consultant devoted to helping adults make sense of the children in their care.

Using Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s natural childhood development model where attachment is the foundation of the emotional, physical and social growth of the child.

Counselling Services

Family/Step – helping families work together for health and well being of all members

Individual supporting clients as they integrate mind, body, and emotions in the healing process.

Youth – working with a variety of issues helping adolescents individually or through group sessions.

Parent Consulting

The heart of the journey is to build strong attachments between parents and their kids by working through the paradigm of Awareness of the developmental stage, Acknowledge the process of the caregiver and then putting a plan of Action in place.


Presentations & Group work

Offering workshops, seminars, and facilitating small groups to a wide variety of audiences who wish to learn more about understanding and strengthening relationships with the children in our care.

“Jodi has been quietly mastering the work of Gordon Neufeld and integrating it into her family dynamics with her partner and their 7 children.  Yes! Seven children!!Jodi is pure light and her compassion shines through as she lovingly supports families to connect and build attachment.  Jodi is dedicated to bringing joy into family life and elevating the spirit of our children.  Her work is a blessing.

shyloe fayad – Radical Wondering

Jodi Bergman

Registered Counsellor


Community Education and Support Services

Suite 103 - 518 Lake St. Nelson, BC V1L 4C6