Why can’t our kids come with an instruction manual? This is a common question in a world where we can feel inundated with parenting info.  Sorting through difficult situations can be challenging and overwhelming.  We just want to do the right thing – but what is that???? 

Join me as we explore child development and attachment theory in this practical online course, Making Sense of Preschoolers, designed for all those involved with young children: parents, early childhood educators, daycare providers, kindergarten teachers, and all the supporting caregivers.


Get 4 video modules & 4 live online classes.

 The course has been developed to fit into your busy schedule. Each week contains informational videos, live discussions, and take-home tools, leaving you resourced to understand and support your toddler. 

We will explore how to:

  • Understand the development of your toddler
  • Address the big 3: play, rest, tears
  • Unpack emotions, tantrums and, aggression
  • Plan for action: what to do when…

As the parent, YOU are your child’s best bet, and my approach is to walk alongside your experiences, supporting you to see your child through a lens that is focused on connection and attachment.  Together we will walk the maze, making sense of pre-schooler behaviours so you can thrive not just survive.

Choose a weekly online meeting day:

Wednesday Evenings    October 13, 20, 27 and November 03

6-7 pm optional video viewing  (if you haven’t previewed on your own)

7-8 pm group meeting on zoom to unpack the content in real-time

Sunday Mornings    October 17, 24, 31 and November 7

10-11 am optional video viewing  (if you haven’t previewed on your own)

11-12 am  group meeting on zoom to unpack the content in real-time

Week 1: Understanding toddlers.

Preschoolers can be untempered in nature, be characteristically inconsiderate, and have separation problems. Preschoolers need us to know how to compensate and set the stage for developmental resolution.

Week 2: Addressing the big 3- play, rest, tears.

 Three irreducible needs that must be met for toddlers and parents to thrive not just survive.

Week 3: Unpacking emotions, tantrums and, aggression.

What preschoolers most need us to know is how to address the root problems and how to provide the conditions that help them to truly grow out of these common signs of immaturity. Three typical problems NOT to nip in the bud.

Week 4: Plan for action- what to do when.

In this module, the six most common mistakes are discussed and suggestions are provided for how to avoid these pitfalls with preschoolers.

Bonus Material

We offer infographics, online resources.

Bonus Material

Provided book list to correspond with each week’s content for you and your toddler.

“Jodi has been quietly mastering the work of Gordon Neufeld and integrating it into her family dynamics with her partner and their 7 children.  Yes! Seven children!!Jodi is pure light and her compassion shines through as she lovingly supports families to connect and build attachment.  Jodi is dedicated to bringing joy into family life and elevating the spirit of our children.  Her work is a blessing.

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