I am a theraputic counsellor and parenting consultant working to support clients as they integrate mind, body, spirit, and emotions in the healing process. I commit to compassionately help individuals in recognizing and following their body-centered intuition towards healing and living a full life.

Beginning the walk down the path of self-reflection is scary – that is why I am here; to walk beside you. Together, let’s examine your beliefs about who you are and who you want to become.

Parent Consulting

“Why can’t our kids come with an instruction manual? This is a common question in a world where we can feel inundated with parenting info.  Sorting through difficult situations can be challenging and overwhelming.  We just want to do the right thing – but what is that????

As the parent, YOU are your child’s best bet, and my approach is to walk alongside your experiences, supporting you to see your child through a lens that is focused on connection and attachment.  Together we will walk the maze, making sense of difficult behaviors.  

Presentations & Group Work

Working in a group will be both informative and supportive as we bring the challenges into real time-space.  Answering questions, exploring the info, and sharing experiences. Join us as we explore a variety of topics.

Community Education and Support Services

Suite 103 - 518 Lake St. Nelson, BC V1L 4C6